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Reasons Why You should Invest in Real Estate

Reasons why you should invest in real estate

Here are some reasons why you need to look at Real Estate for you to be in control. Most people feel investing generally is risky because they do not have control over the asset in which they invest. That may be true in some cases; there is very little control over savings, stocks, and mutual... Read More
Floor Tiles - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Floor tiles - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Any real estate agent will likely tell you that the flooring of your home, determines the value placed on it. This is entirely true for floorings are beautiful and alluring, and can provide the perfect finishing for your home. Traditionally, tiles are also a great choice of flooring for any room... Read More
House of the Week: A Stylish Three-bedroom Bungalow in Abeokuta with a Gorgeous View

House of the week: a stylish three-bedroom bungalow in abeokuta with a gorgeous view

Seeking a gem in the iconic city of Abeokuta, home to the famous Olumo rock? This stylish 3-bedroom bungalow is on the market. A newly-built family home sitting on 750sqm in the graceful town of Oke-mosan, Abeokuta, this property is located about 200 metres from the acclaimed Olusegun Obasanjo... Read More
House of the Week: A Luxury Three-Bedroom Bungalow with Ample Parking Space

House of the week: a luxury three-bedroom bungalow with ample parking space

House of the weekLocated just a few miles from the coastlines of Lagos, this exquisite 3-bedroom bungalow boasts space, a modern design, and a tranquil neighborhood. If you’re interested in a roomy, contemporary pad in a big city for yourself or your growing family, then this property... Read More
Six Ways to Save Money on Electricity in Your Home

Six ways to save money on electricity in your home

As electricity tariffs and the cost of fuel continue to rise, and power generation from LDCs, on the other hand, continues to fall, more people are seeking economical ways to power their homes.If you have an electricity meter fitted in your home or office, or get power mostly from running... Read More
5 Tips on becoming A Successful Realtor

5 tips on becoming a successful realtor

The Real Estate business is a very lucrative business that involves cooperate business as well as individual set up business. Becoming the best realtor as an individual set up or working in a firm will earn you more clients and more money eventually, as you are trusted to deliver good services.A... Read More
Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Will Always be Needed

Reasons why real estate agents will always be needed

Real Estate agent also known as Realtors are the middlemen that strike the deal between the seller and the buyer of a property.While realtor may not be in the same league as professionals in the medical or engineering field, their professional expertise is needed when it comes to buying and... Read More
How to be A Homeowners as a Low Income Earner

How to be a homeowners as a low income earner

As a low-income earner, it is possible to become a homeowner before you retire, owning that house of your dream.Owing a house can take a huge chunk of your salaries if you intend to save for the house and it may involve you cutting down on some of your expenses. However, most low-income earners... Read More
Tips on How to Make More Money from Home Sales

Tips on how to make more money from home sales

Homeowners will surely like to make more money than evaluated for the sales of their house, and this requires some skills in staging the house for sale.Staging a house for sale is essential if you intend to attract buyers and get them to agree on the evaluated price you intend to sell the house.... Read More
Flood Season: Essential Prevention and Safety Tips for Home-owners

Flood season: essential prevention and safety tips for home-owners

Recently, Lagos state, as well as other Nigerian states flanked by the Atlantic Ocean, has had to deal with some of the most severe cases of flooding in recent years. A couple of weeks ago, torrential rains left key parts of Lagos Island submerged.Shortly after residents in the island recovered... Read More
Is The Home You Are Buying at The Risk of Flooding?

Is the home you are buying at the risk of flooding?

The recent heavy downpour has caused flooding nationally and this has resulted in the destruction of properties and even loss of life.The resulted flooding has caused some people to abandon their homes, while properties worth millions of dollars have been destroyed. The flooding in most cases... Read More

Building under construction: understanding builders’ liability insurance

In the past building, a house is more like buy the land, clear same and start molding blocks then start the building no matter how high such a structure is. There have been many disasters in recent times which have rendered victims incapacitated without compensation from the builder. To guide... Read More